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Anyon is an ecosystem of passionate people transforming Real Estate with technology

Agility, Innovation and Speed

From online brokerage to shared houses, the way we interact with buildings is changing. We at Anyon believe that this process will continue to redefine the way we live. Based in Berlin, our team builds and invests in property technology - starting with a new portal to the office.


Passion is the difference between vision and execution. At Anyon, we bring our energy to the technological transformation of the urban environment.


Whether you are one person with an idea, or a company with multiple series of financing, we are interested in hearing from you. Every idea - and every business - is unique, we tailor our resources to your specific needs.


We have curated a network of real estate and technology experts that provide advice and introductions according to your individual needs.

Our Ventures

Reinventing the reception


ZipKey is a visitor registration software that streamlines the identification, authentication and monitoring of visitors at the workplace. Our software replaces the sign-in book and other paperwork with a secure, efficient solution that enables businesses to focus on what matters: providing guests with a unique, branded experience.

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