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We invest in technology companies digitizing real estate

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Like Alasco, the state-of-the-art construction management software.

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Like Comydo, the medium-independent access management system.

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Like essentry, the digital visitor management system for high-security buildings.

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Like Thing-it, the brain of the smart building.

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Anyon combines long-standing industry expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. We draw from our experience of building category-leading companies in the real estate sector to empower entrepreneurs digitizing the largest asset class in the world.


Anyon partners with technology entrepreneurs digitizing the real estate industry. We synergize their technologies with the expertise and operating capabilities of the leading companies within our group. PropTech and IoT companies can leverage our technology platform to accelerate their growth and increase the value of their products by becoming part of the integrated solutions offered by our platform.
  • Long-standing Industry Expertise - Background Mood Long-standing Industry Expertise

    We know the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Our in-house experts can draw from 45 years of real estate development experience: Our team at Investa Real Estate developed 2.3 million m² of commercial and residential space and was involved in over 100 transactions and developments with a total volume of EUR 5bn. In addition, Investa currently manages a EUR 525 million real estate portfolio. As one of the industry’s incumbents, the company has grown an extensive network of partners and clients, including some of the largest real estate owners in Germany.

  • Services & Infrastructure - Background Mood Services & Infrastructure

    Our platform allows us to provide maximum value to real estate asset owners and users. With a team of +100 security and smart building experts, e-shelter security designs, implements and operates holistic Building Internet of Things (BIoT) solutions in the DACH markets.

  • Technological Solution - Background Mood Technological Solution

    Technology is at the heart of our platform. Anyon primarily identifies and invests in smart building technology, i.e products and services that facilitate the operational phase of real assets. We partner with entrepreneurs that benefit from our platform and complement our existing portfolio to maximize synergies.

  • Applications - Background Mood Applications

    We apply our platform’s expertise and the technology that is supported by our services and infrastructure to enable the development of next-generation real estate projects. From Future Office concepts to holistic Urban Campus developments, we leverage technology to provide state-of-the-art user experiences in the built environment of tomorrow.

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Long-standing Industry Expertise
Services & Infrastructure
Technological Solution

Our Portfolio

We are proud to work with exceptional teams solving key problems for the real estate industry and beyond.
“Some of the brightest entrepreneurs are disrupting the real estate industry with technology. We partner with them to support the growth of the next generation of leading companies in our sector.”

Rupprecht Rittweger

Founding Partner & Managing Director

The state-of-the-art construction management software. Alasco streamlines real estate projects and connects all financial data and stakeholders to actively control for costs and margins.

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Alasco - Product Shot

The medium-independent access management system. Comydo gives couriers and service providers temporary access to common building areas, optimizing last-mile delivery.

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The digital visitor management system. essentry streamlines the visitor identification, authentication, and monitoring process in high-security buildings.

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essentry - Product Shot
Acquired by MRI, 2019

The AI-powered data extraction platform for corporate and real estate documents. Leverton creates valuable insights from unstructured data found in legal and corporate documents.

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Leverton - Product Shot

The brain of the smart building. Thing-it’s IoT platform connects sensors and devices to allow building occupiers and operators to manage spaces digitally. - Background Mood Image - Product Shot

The smart rehabilitation assistant. Reflex’s motion tracking sensors enable patients to finish their last stage of the physical rehabilitation at home, under the physiotherapist’s supervision.

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Reflex - Product Shot

The first tax platform in Germany. Zasta connects private customers with tax advisors and allows them to file their tax statement in three minutes through a fully digital process.

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Zasta - Product Shot